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irc chanel and stuff... [24.Dec.2007]
Nowdays we hang around on irc server , there is #phearless channel on it , you are wellcome to join us...
For contact , send anything to .
phearless eZine #7 is out! [17.Dec.2007]
New issue (No.7) is finally out.. 8 great articles are included. We are waiting for your comments and hoping that future numbers will not have it\'s publish day delayed for weeks/months like this one. :( CFP for #8 is officially open..
zine issue #7 [17.Dec.2007]
New issue of phearless ezine will be out soon.. New texts will be addedto the existing few.. We hope a number of 8-9 high quality texts forthis number. We are also having plans to include graphic solutions, newdesign and more.. So stay tuned. p.s. (we are also looking forward toShatters mind changing and becoming main editor again) :)
Resignation [28.Jul.2007]
Phearless is no longer what once was. Authors don't have the same spirit and will like before and nobody cares about community anymore. I don't blame them. In last few months I've lost interest in most of the things that I was doing earlier and started to deal with my priorities in life and this (zine) sure isn't one of them. I (Shatterhand) resign as editor of phearless eZine. New editors are h44rP and Wintermuth. I'm still responsible for this domain and I will keep it up for a long time. Thank you.

P.S. #7 will be published partially with only 4 texts (there was 5 but argv changed his mind about publishing his). 
Sorry... [07.Mar.2007]
Issue #7 will be out in few days/weeks/months, I really don't know when because we don't have enough articles yet. Just to let you know that WE ARE NOT DEAD, phearless will live forever ;) Write something!
Forum is temporary down. [01.Dec.2006]
Deadline for #7 is 24. december. Forum will be down for a while, so if you have some questions send them to shatter[at]phearless[dot]org, we will be glad to help.
phearless eZine #6 is OUT! [07.Sep.2006]
Ladies and gentlemen, issue #6 is finaly out. There are 14 articles and 2 addons, we wish you good reading ;) Call for papers for #7 is now open. Enjoy.
Up again... [17.Aug.2006]
Forum is up again and #6 will be out soon (we are still waiting for some articles), please be patient. [This line is temporary deleted, but not forever, remember that]
Khm... [16.Aug.2006] was defaced today by some Palestinian lamers complaining about Israel or some shit like that (actually, whole server was owned so we are just one of the nearly 2k users). Ph forum is backed up four days ago and it will be back soon, index for #5 was recreated quickly (because site backup is old, from #4) and it's maybe a bit different.

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